Dominic Pinney is a Canadian, Windsor-Based, Visual Artist who examines the seductive and ominous qualities of the city space through a variety of mediums including, light-based installation, video, sound, sculpture, and text. He holds a Master of Fine Arts from the University of Windsor (2019) where he was a recipient of the Joseph Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarship awarded by SSHRC to assist in supporting his thesis exhibition and research. He also holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts with Distinction in Painting from the Alberta College of Art + Design (2017).

By focusing on experience and perception, his work encourages viewers to form their own relationship with the visuals that he references to generate their own questions about their feelings towards the city environment. Within his practice, he is continually exploring the liminal qualities of city spaces; how encounters with those passing by around us, little snippets of conversation and moments, paired with the panoptic hum of commercial and industrial signage affect us as we pass from one place to the next. Our media seems to foretell of dark cities lit only by the holograms of advertisements and police-sirens, dystopian sci-fi acting as a grim oracle. However, he is not in search of a pre-ordained descent into these dark futures, rather, he is looking at this media and his work in relation to our own time as a warning, not a certainty.